Halsall Residents Against Planning

The New Cut Lane, (Halsall)

Residents Against Planning


About Us

We are a pro-active non nimby residents association who are united in opposing West Lancashire Councils planning department's  attempt to force through an ill thought out housing development, comprising 150+ dwellings, which will encroach into the Green belt. We understand the need for more housing but not on land that is totally unsuitable for this type of build.

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Our Objective

The New Cut Lane residents and those from the surrounding area, are strongly campaining to prevent the proposed build of 150+ new houses on grade "A" farmland to the rear of houses on New Cut Lane and Guilford Road.

Picture this field full of housing! (Note the two Buzzards in the top right corner of the photo)
Our Council states that this land is non Argicutlural use (why is Wheat growing there?)
John Barker

 Campaign Co-ordinater
Ray belcher
PR and Media
Lynn Campbell
Tel 01704 566354

Elizabeth Wright
Planning Investigation

Philip Buchanan
Petitions co-ordinator