Flooding?, what Flooding!!!

West Lancashire Councillors, Planning Officials and Developers say that New Cut Lane and surrounding areas have no issues with the high water basin, land drainage, sewage or mains drains problems! The residents of New Cut Lane know there is........

If residents have some more photos of flooding, please send them to us and we will post them up here.
(Prizes for the best caption)

Who drove their car into the lake? or is this a residents driveway?

Heavy rain? developers may consider this as a water feature!

Is this the entrance to New Cut Close?, planners may say it's an extension of the Ledds Liverpool Canal!!!

Is this our excellent council drains taking excess water away? no it's rain water and raw sewage coming out of the inadequate drainage system!!!
Another Top Gear Challenge, or a resident attempting to navigate along New Cut Lane?
Whats this? no need for United Utilities to carry out emergency repairs and pumping as our drains are fine!
No they are not Councillors and Developers!!!!!!!