Halsall Residents Against Planning

 Reasons Against Development

As a whole, we the residents understand the need for more housing and the pressure local councils to ensure that government madates and targets are met. However, under the regulations impossed by government also states "all Brown field and designated development land should be used before looking at any green belt locations."  We also believe this is not the most suitable site out of those identified in Local Plan 2012 -2027. We also the challenge the fact that all Brownfield sites have been exhausted. There are numerous contradictions and inconsistencies with the Councils plans, and many answered questions regarding their sudden change of mind to 'develop out' this site.

We the local residents are against the proposed development for the following reasons:-

Agricultural Land and loss of Habitat
This green belt area is Grade "A" agricultural land which is surely the best use of this finite resource, the diverse wildlife and enviromentel impact on newts, bats, water voles, and bird life, together with the devestating effect on mature trees, hedges and shrubs.

Highways and Traffic
New Cut Lane is already heavily trafficked. Access to and from an additional 150 dewlings with potentially 1-2 vehicles per dewling, plus the additional traffic created is not sustainable.

The deterioration of the existing poor condition of the road surface and its substructure, will be accelerated with further high usage, in the short term with construction plant, machinery, and heavy vehicles. Medium to long-term additional expanded resident use, will create additional wear and tear to the undulating road surface.

Sewage, surface and waste water drainage is already at full capacity as evidenced by regular attendance of service and utilities companies to keep and mantain the drains clear, especially during the winter months and high/or prolonged rainfall.

Drainage pipes (Victorian?) run the full lenght of the rear of the properties would require urgent attention at great expense, who will contribute to this?
Electricity and associated substation capacity is at near full capacity and subject to short term outages and interuption, additional power requirements will strain supply.

Internet provisions/infrastructure in this area is poor and unlikely to be upgraded in the near future. Mobile phone network signal strength is unacceptable, even for low or medium use.

Flood Plain
The Environment Agency identifies this area "at risk of flooding from rivers and sea" as evidenced by annual winter flooding of the farm land and gardens ajoining the proposed building plot.

Long range predictions and global forcasts suggests this can only get worse and issues regarding building and contents insurances will be an issue and a detrement to new home ownership.

With such a high amount of new dewlings disturbing the water basin, this could cause further water displacement and flooding issues for the existing properties.

The additional 150+ homes on the West Lancs/Sefton border will impose even greater pressure on the already stretched services of Sefton Council, who will have to provide local school provision, which is already at full capacity, GP services and hospital care.

Noise and Disturbance
The effect on local residents during the construction period will have an extremely detremental impact to normal life.

It is general knowledge the area is primary peat and soft clay known as "Blue Billy" which would require extensive stabilitation works prior to any form of construction work. There would have to be significant piling to depths ranging from 11 - 20 metres.

Heavy, deep level piling will undoubtedly effect existing houses by way of further subsidence and heave.

Policy and Green Belt
The land identified "sticks out" and projects into the green belt, rather than would be normally expected as an expansion of a town from its boundary.

The land follows the historic "Ribbon Development" which is in contravention of current policy.

If permitted and released for development it will leave the door open for further development of Green belt and agricultural land around New Cut Lane and surrounding areas.

National Policy
Policy dictates, sustainable, well thought out development. The area identified  comprises existing homes and gardens, and the site as a whole could not possibly cater for 150 homes without being crammed in, or made into high rise dewlings.

This will totally disregard the local charactor and will be of poor design but rich in developer profiteering thus flaunting "national guidelines and policies."